A Retirement present for ‘MaryAnn’

after 50+ plus years of head-down, hard work in the harsh environment of Antartica,

'MaryAnn' noseart on D8

Final noseart for ‘MaryAnn’ on the fuel tank of the D8

‘MaryAnn’ has come home to the US for her retirement, and gotten, at last, to see palm

Maryann D8 tractor-sideview

‘MaryAnn’ her name newly painted

trees under which to relax.  Not a dog musher, MaryAnn is actually a 25-ton D8 Tractor, one of only five built by Caterpillar to survive and work effectively on ice floes for science stations at the south pole.   ‘MaryAnn’, built in 1953, is now owned by Team Ghilotti, an engineering, heavy construction company in Petaluma, California.  Glen Ghilotti, owner, bought MaryAnn, asked that she get nose art befitting her new retired status.

As ‘MaryAnn’, it was easy to develop a design based on the lovable farm girl character from the tv show ‘Gilligan’s island’.  As ‘MaryAnn’ was sitting in a field, awaiting a large tractor show, we camped out around her for a few days to get her prettied up and ready for her retirement debut.

jerri painting noseart to the D8

Jerri, painting palm trees into the design

MaryAnn will no longer carve landing strips from ice, heave tons of equipment through blizzards or fortify ice walls for fragile human habitats in the harshest climate in the world, but will tour the US, allowing the public to view this historic vehicle.

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