About Us

Welcome to the Victory Girl Nose Art Studio.

Our mailing address:

Victory Girl
2009 Porterfield Way, Suite N
Upland, CA 91786

We spend a lot of time here making nose art, so take a look around! Our studio is conveniently located below Hangar S at Cable Airport (CCB) the largest privately owned public-use airport in the world. We’re located in sunny Upland, California. Don’t mind the WWII cots outside the upstairs studio, those are really there to ensure that when we’re arranging aircraft in the hangar – we don’t accidentally put a horizontal stabilizer through a window pane!

Our hangar space is a good place to park your plane, discuss design ideas, share a cup of coffee and flip through hundreds of vintage nose art photos or just do some hangar flying.

Our Nose Art History…..

Creating nose art and artwork has been our passion since the 1980s, when we received permission from our high school principal to do the first wall-sized mural (25 ft x 90 ft) of a school mascot on the theater wall. Since then, we’ve enjoyed meeting people from across the country through our artwork that have a similar love of beautifying wall spaces and their aircraft with vintage aircraft nose art.

We’ve supported the maintenance and restoration of vintage aircraft, such as the Spirit of Santa Monica DC3, now the centerpiece of the new Douglas Memorial Park at the Santa Monica Airport (SMB, and ‘D Day Doll’, a C-47 of CAF’s  Inland Empire Wing C-53.




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Victory Girl Nose Art is happy and grateful that these companies support us.