C1 Trader shows off ‘Mudflap Girl’


Captain ‘Doc’ Serrato, flying with VAW-77, named his much-loved  C1A Trader   ‘Mudflap Girl’, with the subtitle ‘Haulin the Fleet’s Freight’, in recognition of their missions to fly cargo, medical supplies, medical personnel, and other critical loads to Navy sites, both on and offshore.    The artwork, a young lady, seated in sailor’s garb,  is  a  nod to  those other long-suffering haulers,  semi-truck drivers, with their saucy seated figure found the mud flaps of thousands  of delivery trucks around the United States.  ‘Mudflap Girl’ shows up on a brief news clip for the Stuart Airshow, in Florida -see YouTube clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKMnygLb-MM

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