Stinson Fly In -Dolittle Talk February 7th

We’re excited to join the American Aviation Historical Society’s Annual Meeting on Saturday, February 7th at Flabob Airport, in Rubidoux, California!   We’ll fly our Stinson L-5 in, where AAHS is also hosting  the  International Stinson Club Fly-in.  After donuts and coffee, we’ll view a restoration of a very rare Stinson 108, and  tour  replications of the racing aircraft of the 30s, built right  at Flabob.   For lunch we’ll visit EAA Chapter 1’s hangar, for a  gourmet  lunch  program with Jonna Dolittle Hoppes, who will give a closeup view of her legendary grandfather, Jimmy Doolittle.

Victory Girl has donated some of the aviation items to be raffled off after lunch, including a set of Victory Girl vintage aircraft destination tins.

Come visit with us later as we enjoy wine and cheese in the afternoon. It plans to be an enjoyable day of history and friends!



Invitational Hot Rods & Flyin BBQ

hotrod-invitational2015Victory Girl looks forward to hosting the 4th Annual Hot Rod BBQ Invitational on January 17th.  See this very cool flyer (click on image to enlarge for email details) made by organizer Bill Story.  Please RSVP with Bill Story as this is an invite-only event (limited ramp space)!


Its off to the Races!

Victory Girl is packed n ready for the excitement, friends and NOISE of the 2014 Reno Air Races, in Stead, Nevada, Sept 10-14th! We’ll  be sponsoring a racer this year,  friend and T-6 pilot Chris LeFave, in #94 ‘Midnight Express’.   So besides chatting with old friends, making new ones and discussing the art of   flight jackets, we’ll be chewing our nails and checking out the GoPro video from Chris’ left wingtip!

Come visit if you’re at the Races!


#94 'Midnight Express' - flown in the Bronze class by Chris Lefave.  Go team!

#94 ‘Midnight Express’ – flown in the Bronze class by Chris Lefave. Go team!

Dressup for Cornerstone Aviation’s 172s

'Blondie' nose art printed to high performance vinyl and installed on a lovely Cessna 172 SP

‘Blondie’ nose art printed to high performance vinyl and installed on a lovely Cessna 172 SP

Susan and Christon Horstman, mother and son pilots with over 15,000 commercial and private flight hours between them, and owners of Cornerstone Aviation at Ogden Airport (OGD)  have utilized some Victory Girl nose art to identify their new glass-cockpit Cessna 172 SPs, used for their  successful flight training programs, based both out of Ogden Airport and Salt Lake International Airport.

‘Blondie’ -originally nose art created by a crew chief of of a P-51 fighter squadron in WWII, is re-created by Victory Girl and available as a die-cut high performance vinyl.

‘Fifinella’ is also artwork created in WWII.  ‘Fifinella’ was the official squadron patch of the Woman’s Air Service Pilots (WASPs), young women pilots enlisted during WWII to deliver bombers, fighters, liaison aircraft and just about every other aircraft type from factories everywhere in the US to air bases. Women pilots were barred from flying in combat environments, but played a significant role nevertheless in moving aircraft for military uses.

'Fifinella' nose art applied as vinyl to Cessna 172 SP

‘Fifinella’ nose art applied as vinyl to Cessna 172 SP

‘Fifinella’, a quirky female gremlin character, was designed by the Walt Disney Studios, who designed over 1,000 insignia for US military units.    This ‘Fifinella’ is also printed to high performance die-cut vinyl and installed to the Cessna 172’s cowling.  Although securely fit to the cowling, the vinyl can be easily removed from the metal without damage to the paint or metal beneath.


B-17 ‘Star Duster’ Nose Art Project Complete

B17 Starduster Complete


Victory Girl recently completed the March Field Air Museum’s B-17G nose art, ‘Starduster’ on left and right sides of the aircraft, as it sits on display outside the Museum doors.   This B-17G (44-6393) was built in Southern California, under license from Boeing at the Douglas plant in Long Beach, and delivered to the 97th BG,  15th AF, Army Air Corps in July of 1944.  It flew briefly in North Africa, before being commandeered to Italy for the head of the  Mediterranean Allied Air Forces, General Ira Eaker. Eaker named the Fortress ‘Starduster’ and had the art featuring a cheery ensign, standing atop a cloud in khakis dusting off  a set of stars with a feather duster.   ‘Starduster’ served in the US Air Force until it was sold as surplus in 1955.   It was transferred to the Bolivian Army in 1956, and modified for use as a cargo plane.  The flight controls were updated to allow all flying from the right seat.


‘Starduster’ flew in Bolivia for the next 25 years, being the last operating B-17 in Bolivia painting-b17when it was returned to the United States.  In early 1981 it was flown to March Air Force Base. ‘Starduster’ has 13,000 –plus flight hours logged, and was restored by the March Field Air Museum in 1997,  with support from the 97th BG.


Jeff Houlihan, Senior Curator of the museum provided Victory Girl early color photos of the artwork, when it was flown for General Eaker.  Victory Girl used paint methods and processes very much like the soldiers of WWII; loose hand-drawn  artwork, painted outside with the elements (in the summer in Southern California—that’s kind of like North Africa…).


March Field Air Museum and Victory Girl will soon be partnering up to create the nose art for their B-26 Maurader.  See the Victory Girl website at for many other nose art projects they’ve completed, or like them on Facebook at

Rock N Roll Tour of ‘Black Star Riders’

The Thin Lizzie band,  a Dublin based rock n roll group that had several hits by the early ’80s such as  JailbreakThe Boys Are Back In TownStill In Love With YouCold SweatEmerald and Don’t Believe A Word.  They’ve recently reformed at ‘Black Star Riders’ to carry on the Thin Lizzy sound, and their new album ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ is a nod to the WWII art that we know and love!  We had the chance to paint the new Black Star Riders album cover to an actual panel, built by our friend Francis.   They just played at the Coach House in Southern California Friday the 16th of May, and are now off to Japan– good luck guys! black-star-final-web

C1 Trader shows off ‘Mudflap Girl’


Captain ‘Doc’ Serrato, flying with VAW-77, named his much-loved  C1A Trader   ‘Mudflap Girl’, with the subtitle ‘Haulin the Fleet’s Freight’, in recognition of their missions to fly cargo, medical supplies, medical personnel, and other critical loads to Navy sites, both on and offshore.    The artwork, a young lady, seated in sailor’s garb,  is  a  nod to  those other long-suffering haulers,  semi-truck drivers, with their saucy seated figure found the mud flaps of thousands  of delivery trucks around the United States.  ‘Mudflap Girl’ shows up on a brief news clip for the Stuart Airshow, in Florida -see YouTube clip

Reno Air Races

“At the Reno Air Races, we’re meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones.  John Brand, attending the races from Ogden, Utah, brought us his AVG jacket, painted by Victory Girl a few years ago. John’s design features the P-40s of the WWII American Volunteer Group ‘Flying Tigers’ and AVG pilot Dick Rossi, whom John was friends with.   Lonnie Ortega, an aviation artist did the initial artwork of Dick Rossi, which we re- created here on John’s jacket.  John tells us that  it is difficult to get his jacket away from his granddaughter, who likes his jacket as much as he does!   Thanks, John, for letting us display your lovely artwork.”

Pinups for Vets and Victory Girl

The pinups we meet are usually in paint and paper, beauties forever frozen in a pretty pose. This weekend though, we got the chance to work with a living, breathing pinup in the form of Gina Elise, the principal force behind Pinups for Vets. Her non-profit organization creates a yearly calendar of her pinup poses, in locations as varied as post offices, donut shops, car hops, tea gardens and jungles. Gina and her team came to Victory Girl to utilize our hangar and vintage aircraft, as well as a few painted leather flight jackets. Gina, in vintage jewelry, stiletto heels and 50s outfits, got some great shots with a Victory Girl ‘Billie Louise’ hand painted flight jacket. Pebbles, our Shi’tzu wandered into the photo shoot looking for treats, and got a flash bulb instead! Both were really good sports though, and let the photographer Tim position them into some adorable poses. You can order Gina’s 2014 Pinups for Vets at her website at