‘Colt Revolver’ Custom Nose Art Painted Leather Jacket

Colt Revolver Ad on a leather jacket

Colt Revolvers, sassy gals- great Painted Leather Jacket art!



Custom Painted Leather Jacket Nose Art

Guns, girls, leather, and aviation.  Jerri Bergen mastered this Colt Revolver popular decoration wall tin sign featuring an old 1920s Colt Revolver advertisement.  Pictured here Jerri models the finished product, her latest custom painted leather jacket art project.  The customer is a local gun aficionado and jacket collector who reached out to us with a request to combine these two loves into this great art piece for his personal use.  Showing an idealized Annie Oakley with a Colt Peacemaker (she owned several Colt revolvers and Colt .22 rifles), and the two logos of the Colt Patent Mfg Company this painted leather jacket turned out perfectly.

The slogan ‘Don’t Touch This Gal’  is certainly appropriate.  Annie Oakley, considered the best woman rifleman of the age, and best pistol shot among her peers of ‘Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West’ show, of which she was  a star.   During the show, a crewman would toss a dime up into the air, 90 feet away, and Annie would raise her .22, aim, fire and hit the dime, sometimes while on horseback.

Our jackets take 5-8 weeks from start to finish. We begin with a concept sketch (see our custom projects page) and work with you on size, complexity, and design features.  Once you have approved where we’re taking the art piece, we prepare the leather with our special magic formula, then paint by hand your delicious art piece. Once complete, we treat the painting which gives it a lifetime bond to the painted leather jacket and ship it off to you.

Did we mention that we love our job?  Here is a video about Annie Oakley


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