Custom Jacket Paint Order Process

Having your favorite jacket permanently altered with artwork is an important decision, so we want to make sure you know everything that we do, before we start. You can also browse our jacket FAQs that can answer questions you may have. How to Start You probably have some ideas on what you’d like on your jacket/patch or boat, motorcycle, car, or piece of tin laying around the barn – even if it’s only a partly-formed concept that you want to flesh out more. You are welcome to give us a ring or send an email, and we’ll discuss possible ideas, and give you ideas on reference material, or, we might already have something close that can work as a starting point for the discussion.

Getting an Estimate If you have an idea of what you’d like, it is easy to discuss an estimate over the phone.   We’ll do our best to give you an estimate that we promise to stick to, given the art design or jacket elements don’t deviate too widely from our discussion.  If you have a very specific design in mind (like a particular squadron insignia, aircraft, or other image) – sending a photo, or giving us some data that allows us to find the image ourselves, goes a long way toward getting a good estimate.  Design time AND the painting is included in the price! Estimates runs from $45-160 for hand painted patches (at 3-9 inches wide) and $165-790 for hand painted jacket artwork. Pricing is based primarily on how much effort will be required to prepare your leather surface, the complexity of the design, and how bright the final colors will be.

Starting the Work Note: In most cases, a discussion and review of reference photos is sufficient to build a decent estimate, but generally we create a mock-up, or rough  version of your artwork along with your estimate. If we’re re-creating a squadron patch- we’ll send you the official, colored design. Before we start work, we need two(2) things: 1) Your approval of the estimate/pricing, and 2) your jacket OR a 30% deposit. With your jacket delivered to our studio- we finalize the design and send you either a picture or a hand drawn mock-up through email or snail mail, as needed. For patches, we process payment at your approval before we start work. If there is a problem, we always honor you first and will refund without hesitation. Scheduling During this process we also go over schedule dates with you. The average turnaround time for a jacket is about 4-5 weeks and the actual paint process takes about 6 days once we begin. We complete patches within 2-3 weeks, on average. In extreme cases, we can have a jacket done in just over a week, and we do need to charge a expediting fee because this means we are bumping other customers and requires longer hours. Once we start a painting project it is very difficult to stop mid project. For this reason sometimes we Can Not always accommodate expedited orders. If we can’t accommodate a faster need, then we we don’t charge extra. Preparation and Painting When we start the actual painting, we prepare your jacket or item using materials designed just for that material. For example, the leather is conditioned to accept the paint, and you should keep in mind that this permanently alters the leather. There is no going back. Your design is then sketched onto the (jacket) surface and, then we begin painting. In every case we use specialty paints for that material. At some point during the paint process we take a photo and give you an update. Completion and Payment Process Upon completing your item, we send you a final picture that gives you the opportunity to review the artwork and make changes as you see needed. Once you approve the final artwork, we seal the paint with an acrylic-based ‘waterproofer’, then allow the jacket to dry for 1-2 days. We process final payment at time of your final approval. The final price will cover shipping and handling using UPS, Fedex, or USPS, DHL, etc. as needed to reach you. (You can also pick it up in person at our studio at Cable Airport (CCB)). Sewing and Repair Services We can sew on your painted leather patch to your jacket, or sew a patch you provide onto your jacket as part of the jacket painting process. We can also repair portions of your leather jacket, such as replacement of liners, collars, sleeves, addition of pockets, or re-conditioning of leather. Sewing patches to leather is usually $18-25, depending on the jacket type. Give us a call, we can usually quote repairs over the phone.