Q: How does your custom process work?

A: Very simply we create custom designs for you, and deliver them to you in almost any shape and size.  We’ve painted motorcycle gas tanks to P-51 Mustang airplanes.  We can paint on leather and canvas jackets, helmets, props, panels, gizmos, and stuff.  We can also just send you a file so you can print. But, most of our stuff is hand painted on items mailed to us by you.

For pricing, you just have to ask.  We’ve done billboards, we’ve flown to remote areas to paint in person, and we’ve had cars, motorcycle’s and airplanes delivered to our doorstep.

We paint jackets most often.  You can buy from us (We have amazing prices on two styles, the A-2, and G-1 flight jacket) or you can mail us your jacket and we paint on it.

Either way, we create a concept drawing/mockup and send it to you for approval, and once approved we paint. Once painted we take a photo and send it to you for final approval. Once approved, we take payment via credit card (PayPal) and then ship to you.

Q: Can you paint my special canvas flight jacket that is not leather?

A: Sure! We’ve painted to canvas/linen jackets, nylon, and those leather jackets made out of tiny pieces of leather sewn together.   We cannot paint to suede, or plastic.  Some ‘faux’ leather’s are paintable, others are not so we just have to see it to confirm…

Q: Can you paint my wife, girlfriend, dog, horse, Octopus favorite car or whatever into my artwork if I send you a pictures?

A: Absolutely! We’ll work with you to create a composition that says everything you want. We do reserve the right to refuse to honor requests that we feel would seriously discredit the sensibilities of an average human being. For example, we have politely declined a request to paint Hitler’s ‘jew-cleansing manifesto’ onto a jacket back.

Q: Any other questions? 

A: Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and ask!