Friday, April 1 – Heading North

Mike and Chris have seen a patch of blue- and have  launched northward, headed to BENTON,  Pennsylvania.  After a day’s flying, Frenchie heads to the nearest computer, checks weather, uploads his photos, updates friends and family, and sends me the blog notes.  See Mike’s comment under chris’ picture!

Here’s Frenchie’s report!

”We pushed out of Leesburg today and headed north.  There is a break in the weird weather and we decided this would be our chance to try and make Pennsylvania to see Robert Guss, Asher Banning, and the crew at Benton Airport that Bob Vincent used to call home.

Our first stop was Waycross, Ga after crossing the Okefenokee Swamp in Northern Florida.  That was about a 40 mile stretch of nothing but trees, water and swamp (no roads, no civilization but lots of gators). That’s about the time you really start to hear all the funny little noises your engine makes.  Waycross was a great little airport that had free BBQ and sweat tea for those coming and going to Sun and Fun. We fueled, ate and headed north as fast as we could.  Next stop was Barnwell, SC, an old WWII army field.  I landed with about a 40 degree crosswind but the old girl did me well.  We checked weather and started to see a weather system working over North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania that was producing a weird color on the weather map that we are not familiar with….snow.

Next was Twin Lakes Airport in North Carolina which had an interesting twist.  One of the locals, Bill, said his friend has an L-5 at a small airport nearby and asked if we would stick around for him to come see our bird.  We waited and met Larry from Advance, NC.  After telling Larry where we were headed and trying to beat the weather, he insisted we fly into his private airstrip and keep the plane in his hangar with his L-5.  He told us the airport was on the map but all we had to do was take off from Twin Lakes, turn 030 degrees and go 3 miles.  But then when you get there make sure you come in over the river and watch out for the trees then taxi up the road to his house.  Well, after searching for it for about 15 minutes, Larry took off in his L-5 and met us in the air to guide us in.

6 hours of flying turns into 3 hours of computer time for Frenchie...

Larry has a beautiful L-5 that is very similar to ours.  The pla

n for tomorrow is to meet Larry in the morning and make a “dawn patrol” run in the North Carolina countryside.  After that we will go as far north as we can before the weather stops us.  I will send pictures tomorrow.”

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