Friday Flyin-Gillespie Field

Erich Moulder and the folks at CAF unit Air Group One, of Gillespie Field, El Cajon, CA  cut up a rug the first Friday every month- in connection with the Gillespie Airport Cafe.  We (Mike n I in the back) flew ‘Lady Satan’ down to Gillespie to join the fun.  Jim Slattery, also on the field, brought over his tremendous PBY- Catalina–  (which he’d flown that morning!)- that turned out to be great shade for the event, and spectacular to see, from the inside out.   A reggae band played while attendees  foxtrotted on the ramp and ate fish tacos.  Bailey, a cute-as-a-button 40s model and CAF member got all the photographers snapping pictures, while L5 builders took notes, comparing their build plans with ‘Lady Satan’.  I got to see some of my jacket artwork walking around (thanks Heather!)  -and thank you everyone for your great hospitality!

Bailey and Howard at Gillespie

L5 and dancers at Gillespie

Lady Satan at Jet Air-Gillespie

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