Friday, March 25th- Repairs- Frenchie’s Report

Mike sent back a picture of the pre-dawn takeoff at Pecos, today, Friday morning.  The right magneto has failed at their next stop, Iraan, Texas.  We’ve got a spare magneto here at the hangar in California, and we’re on alert to FedEx it out if  needed.

Frenchie fills in the day’s details for us:

”Today started at 0530 in Pecos Tx with take off at 0700.  While trying for Ozona Tx, we had the bad mag and fog that put us down in Iraan Tx. No fuel but a neat small town.   The local airport mechanic, IA, FAA (Mike) fixed the mag problem with a mirror and small screwdriver purchased from Aircraft Spruce of Texas (AKA Carquest).  Down for 1.5 hours and back we went to Ozona Tx.  Another friendly airport.  Fuel and go to Taylor Tx.

In Taylor they have only one airport courtesy car. A retired Dodge Intrepid police car.  Still has the lights and radio.  And the back doors still don’t open from the inside. We shared it with the pilot who had just flown into Taylor,  a US Army Wounded Warrior named Todd.

Todd, the US Army Cav Scout is undergoing rehab for injuries he received in Afgahnistan in 2009.  Todd and his family showed us where the best BBQ in Taylor was and so we went to Muellers BBQ in downtown.  We had a great lunch with a good group of people.  Thanks Todd for what you did.

After standing down for the Texas afternoon winds, we headed east where we were trying to make Lousiana.  A 40 degree crosswind  at 15 knots made us rethink that decision and we made a far better one.  Instead we turned left for Angleina Airport in Lufkin Tx.

Upon arrival, we were greated by two fellow aviation buffs Scott and Bubba.  Scott gave us his truck to borrow for the night to get in and out of town.  After tying down the plane, Scott and Bubba treated us to ice cold Shiner Bock at their hanger and man was it good after the longest travel day yet.  Come to find out that Scott is the Chief of Police of Lufkin TX but I suspect he’s a full time pilot who just has to work for a living.  Sound familiar?   Scott and Bubba are very interested in the plane and are considering flying to Sun  n Fun next week to meet Tom.  Saturday morning, they are going to introduce us to some of their airport heroes.  A close friend of theirs was a Corsair driver in WWII and still comes to airport everyday.

Tommorrow will start early as we plan on spending most of the day in Lufkin.  We were invited to the ranch that belongs to Scott’s father in-law.  His dad had a 2600 foot strip on his ranch where he keeps his Stearman, Luscombe and other assorted planes (and gun collection)  Is this a great trip or what?

We have not met a mean person yet in Texas or anywhere on this trip for that matter.  Is it airport people or is just what happens when you leave California? (see the ‘findmespot’ URL at the top of this post, to track their progress on ”Lady Satan’s”  GPS)

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