‘Lady Satan’s Coast-to-Coast Flight Begins!

Getting ahead of weather, the boys leave early

‘Lady Satan’ is enroute to Florida, from Upland, California, ahead of a brisk storm system currently sweeping Southern California.  The boys left today at 3:15pm, and arrived at Blythe around 5:15pm. Mike Polley and Chris Le Fave take essentials for the 5 day flight– a flight jacket,  protein bars and an extra set of underwear.     All other gear (spare parts, bazooka guns, historic flight log, etc.) have been shipped ahead.

All you need for 5 days… a flight jacket and extra undies!

An earlier post talked about the uniqueness of this L-5B, the only surviving VM04 aircraft to leave Iwo Jima in flyable condition.  Considerable research has gone into tracking down military records to confirm the airframe serial numbers and ‘Lady Satan’s military history, and while doing so, we have contacted several members of the original Marine VM0-4 unit with whom we hope to meet with when ‘Lady Satan’ reaches the east coast.


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