Monday, July 18 – Meeting Doug Greenwood

Doug Greenwood, son of Harold P. Greenwood, pilot of VM04, was able to drive up from Vienna, Virginia (5 hours!) to see the plane his father flew in WWII, and to take a ride himself.  As a pilot himself, Doug thoroughly enjoyed the OY-1 flight, and marveled that his father flew this craft, without defenses over enemy territory.  Doug signed the 02766 flight log.

Doug also brought with him a loaded scrapbook full of pictures of the VM04 unit during their training time at Quantico, Virginia, where they picked up the bulk of their OY-1s, as well as many combat pictures.   We also got to see the map H. Greenwood (‘Greenie’) carried on the island, still showing the pencil marks of the targets he and his Observer spotted and reported back to the battleships.  He also brought newspaper clippings, an original Hawaiian Islands Navigational chart, circa 1944, and even a handwritten flight assignment for a day’s flights on Iwo.

Doug, a retired English professor from Georgetown University, printer and still part-time writer, said his father was kidded about being anal-retentive, as he wrote everything down in tiny, neat handwriting, and carefully stored his notes until he came home from the war.  He also took pictures for the unit, of which Doug has many.   ‘Greenie’s’ personal flight log has records of flight time of 02766 on Iwo, but he was unable to bring that with him today.

Doug, Monty and Chris and I got to enjoy another wonderful meal made by Pam Farwell,  while a thunderstorm soaked the countryside. Afterwards we heard more stories from Doug about his dad, and checked up on weather for our morning flight out.  We could get some ground fog, but otherwise, the thunderstorm activity should clear before dawn.  We’ll be turning on the GPS Spot tommorrow, as we leave Benton and head west.

It was great to meet Doug, and he’s now part of the VM04 -02766 family! It was also wonderful to meet the Farwells, and enjoy their warm hospitality, good food and friendly dogs.  Chris won’t let me take one of the Great Dane-mastiff puppies home in the airplane, although at 9 weeks old, one just might fit…..

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