Pinups for Vets and Victory Girl

The pinups we meet are usually in paint and paper, beauties forever frozen in a pretty pose. This weekend though, we got the chance to work with a living, breathing pinup in the form of Gina Elise, the principal force behind Pinups for Vets. Her non-profit organization creates a yearly calendar of her pinup poses, in locations as varied as post offices, donut shops, car hops, tea gardens and jungles. Gina and her team came to Victory Girl to utilize our hangar and vintage aircraft, as well as a few painted leather flight jackets. Gina, in vintage jewelry, stiletto heels and 50s outfits, got some great shots with a Victory Girl ‘Billie Louise’ hand painted flight jacket. Pebbles, our Shi’tzu wandered into the photo shoot looking for treats, and got a flash bulb instead! Both were really good sports though, and let the photographer Tim position them into some adorable poses. You can order Gina’s 2014 Pinups for Vets at her website at

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