Betty Page

'Bettie Page' forever linked to black bangs, black hose and the explosion of erotic-content print in the US this nose art is a true classic.





Note: All stickers come in the highest quality vinyl and will sustain a long life on an airplane. From P-51 Mustangs to P210's and homebuilts, these stickers are industrial grade.

Each sticker comes with:

  • Premium High Performance 3M Controltac Vinyl.
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive back.
  • Designed for vehicle use, works great on jets to piper cubs.
  • Laminated with Satin UV Protection.
  • Precision die cut to exact edges (perfect fit for your fuselage, tail, wings, etc.)
  • Already set up in easy to apply transfer paper (makes it easy to install).
  • Installation instructions including a strip of sample material for your practice.

The measurements in the drop down below are the longest side shown in the Height and Width line picture.

Select your desired length of the longest side, and also select if you want a (Left Facing), (Right Facing), or (Both Left and Right).

Please note that some of the stickers don't have a Left and Right, such as the military patches. In which case choosing (Both Left and Right) will get you two identical stickers.

We also make custom stickers, custom designs, custom sizes, even custom materials. Use our contact form or special projects section for custom orders.

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