Saturday, April 2 -Hangin’ in Advance, NC

“Today is Saturday the 2nd.  The day started with a great formation flight with Larry and his L-5G , a later model almost identical to ‘Lady Satan’.  This morning we knew we had winds coming  predicted to be 40-50 MPH.  They were.  So we started early as #2 right behind Larry off his 2600′ grass strip.  We made a formation pass back over Twin Lakes Airport where we picked up another airplane.  Bill and Cheryl took off in  Bill’s  RV-3 as camera ship.  We   flew around the valley in absolutely beautiful skies for a great photo shoot.  The wind showed up twenty minutes after we landed.

Larry then took us to “Snook’s BBQ” outside of town where we had some great BBQ pork, fried okra, huspuppies and my favorite…sweet tea.  A great hole-in-the-wall place! Mike and I   gave our hosts a break and borrowed Larry’s truck to drive all the local farm roads we could find.  We decided that  we are totally messed up as far as compass headings go in a car.  We did find another airport (go figure) and asked them how to get back to Advance, NC.  If you have never been to North Carolina, I highly recommend visiting.  It is beautiful country.  We even visited “Boone’s Cave” which is a set of caves on the Yadkin River supposedly near the family farm of Daniel Boone.

Tomorrow is set to be a beautiful flying day.  I have talked to both Asher Banning and Robert Guss and they are excited about us coming up.  This may be the first time Robert and Asher have seen each other since WWII and I know its the first time they have seen 02766 for 66 years.  Larry is possibly going to join us for the flight to Pennsylvania, making it a 2 ship flight to Lavelle, Pa.

The hospitality from all involved has been amazing.  In 9 days we have not rented a car yet but have not had to walk  (except for the free car that Mike broke).  We have been treated like celebrities and two other people offered up their hangars and homes last night.  Just good people all around.  I suppose everyone I know at Cable would do the same thing.  I guess it comes with the love of flying.

Wish us luck as Sunday will be the last leg of our trip.  After visiting Robert Guss, Asher Banning and the Benton folks, we are  looking to head home.

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