Saturday, July 16 – Back to Benton

After 10 hours of commercial flying, we arrive, groggy and grumpy to Wilkes-Barre, PA, where we were immediately cheered up by Mike Evans and Monty Hittel, who’d arrived in Mike’s Piper Arrow from Benton, PA to pick us up. A beautiful flight over the green countryside had us landing at the grass field of Benton Airport, while the annual rodeo was in progress to the north side of the field.

First things first!  We check up on OY-1, and she’s safe and comfy in Mike’s hangar, who’s graciously stored her in his hangar since Mike and Chris left in April.

We are FAMISHED, and cruise into town for a great salad and Piroigis (spelling?) -our first!  Potato-filled pasta, fried in butter and onions- MMM, good!  Then Rick Farhill gives us a chance to see the countryside up close in a driving tour.

At dusk Ted Farhill,  shows me how ‘dusters take off in a Cub from thier home hangar and a 30 degree slope-  swoop downhill and lift off over the trees!  Better than Disneyland!   I get a birds-eye-view of the peaceful Pennsylvania farms, as we head to Benton  and the OY-1, where Chris  and Joe Farhill are gassing her up for some warmup laps around the valley. Ted and Monty follow in the Supercub.

When landing, Chris, Joe Farhill, Ted, Monty and Mike Evans review some radio issues with the OY-1, as there wasn’t transmission between the two aircraft in flight.

In the meantime, Chris Lefavre has been busy on the west coast, and has found another VM04 family,  the Greenwoods.  Harold E. Greenwood, VM04 pilot, has since passed away, but his sons Jonathon and Doug live in Virginia, and have offered to come up and share their father’s experiences with us on Monday!!  Thanks Chris for finding them!

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