Saturday, July 23 Weather Watch-Again

We’ve been watching weather, holding off from bringing 02766 into Osh Kosh and having the airplane outside with rough weather.   Tonight another system is forecast to come through (its beautiful at the moment), but be gone by 8:00am Sunday.

So we’ll wait another day.   In the meantime, we  visit the West Bend farmer’s market and find cookie dough on a stick, rows of fresh vegetables, honey, baked goods, smoked fish and coffee stalls.  We stopped back into the Grasshopper for some coffee and breakfast.

We drive up to Osh Kosh to check out the warbird layout.   Most of the pavilions are up, and people are busy stocking merchandise, unpacking boxes and moving display aircraft around.   It doesnt look like there’s nearly as many aircraft there as when we were there a few years ago, but the impending weather could be holding many from arriving early.

We need to get Chris’ headset earpieces replaced, but the Bose shop isnt open for business yet.   Neither is Aircraft Spruce, where we need to get velcro for hans’ flight suit.   We wander around and check out the new Warbird Alley, where 02766 will be on display for Monday, July 26th.

Its getting hot and humid, but there’s some cloud cover and a breeze on occasion.    With no eatery joints yet open on the field, we wander into Osh Kosh proper and get some lunch and check out antique stores for straight edge razors (we’ll have to ship them home, Chris has found at least 5 antique blades that are in great condition and really good prices).

Antique shopping aside, we do get a great look around Osh Kosh, and then head back to the hotel, where we’re going to meet some of the Rozgas for dinner.

Tom Rozga Sr., Gloria, Tom’s wife, Tommy Rozga (son) and his wife Bunnie take us to a wonderful restaurant, the Fox and Hounds, buried in the nearby hills.  It’s a gracious old tavern that’s been a local favorite since the ’30s.  Even out in the countryside, it was buzzing with the dinner crowd.   We had wonderful fish, garlic mashed potatoes and pasta, and had to take some of it home it was so much food!

Tom gets an update on how to get into the show with the bazookas.  They arrived at the Rozga’s business on Friday.

More tommorrow!

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