Saturday, March 26th-Leavin’ Texas….Finally!

There’s been several stops today, and the boys had yet another great day of meeting new airport friends.  Back at Cable Airport in California, we’ve just shipped off two pair of headsets to Florida, as it seems both Chris and Mike’s headsets produce too much static to safely listen/navigate the busy Sun N Fun traffic.  We’ve also shipped ‘Lady Satan’s display poster, also to be used at the show.  The boys have stopped in Waynesboro, Miss. for the night. Here’s Chris’  report:

“After downing  many glasses of sweet tea and a good southern meal of fried catfish, hushpuppies and crawfish, we finally got  to sleep on Friday night.

Today,  Saturday, Scott and Bubba loaded up in their Cessna 182 and had us follow them in the OY-1 to Scott’s Father’s ranch about 12 miles west of Lufkin where we landed on his grass strip.  The strip is 2600 feet long, has a hill in the middle (or jump depending on how you look at it), doglegs to the left and has a pond on one side.  The old girl took it like a champ!  We were greeted by Mr. Landry who lives in a 120 year old wood shack  but has a new 3000 square foot (+-) hangar on his ranch for his Stearman, Luscombe, Cessna 180 and Lightsport.  Are these guys great or what!  Not only that but he has a 600 yard rifle range (runway)  where he shoots his rifles everyday.  We were greeted at the front porch of his cabin by the big black lab AKA “porchdog” that was a love but deaf because he swam too much in the pond  and an infection caused his hearing loss.  That did not stop him from smiling and wagging his tail!  Mr. Landry showed us his collection of rifles that cover every wall of the house.  Being a sniper, I was drooling!  Not only does he have an M-1, he has a whole wall top to bottom dedicated to M-1′s. The next room is for M-1A’s. After that, he flew back to Angelina in his Luscombe off our wing to go to breakfast.

Once back at Angelina, The airport guys came out to meet “Lady Satan”.  We enjoyed meeting all the guys there.  A gentlemen named Buzz Patrick came out to see her. Buzz was an OV-10 driver in Vietnam and has a keen appreciation for what this plane did and what Tom Rozga and the boys were doing.  The OV-10 was used as a forward air control plane up until the late 90′s.  Mr Odom, another Texas gentleman, stopped in to see the girl.  Mr Odom flew T-6′s in Korea also as a forward air controller.  We picked the right airport didn’t we!  Mr. Odom also flew F-86′s later on.  Thank you both for your service.

Thanks to everyone in Lufkin Texas for showing us what good people are made of!  Thanks Scott, Bubba, Ricky, Linda, Josh, Jacob and rest of the crew!

We left Angelina and headed east for Opelousas, La.  After 3 days in Texas we finally crossed out into Louisiana.Our first stop was St. Landry Parish Airport wAngelina Airport folkshere we met the nephew of pilot, Lt. Karl Elton Kelley Sr, Dallas Kelley.  Dallas was able to sit in and see the plane his uncle flew on Iwo Jima 66 years ago.  Dallas enjoyed the stop and took many photos to share with his boys.  We are waiting on the gusty minds to stop before we head east to the area of Mobile AL.  for the night. ”

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