Stinson Fly In -Dolittle Talk February 7th

We’re excited to join the American Aviation Historical Society’s Annual Meeting on Saturday, February 7th at Flabob Airport, in Rubidoux, California!   We’ll fly our Stinson L-5 in, where AAHS is also hosting  the  International Stinson Club Fly-in.  After donuts and coffee, we’ll view a restoration of a very rare Stinson 108, and  tour  replications of the racing aircraft of the 30s, built right  at Flabob.   For lunch we’ll visit EAA Chapter 1’s hangar, for a  gourmet  lunch  program with Jonna Dolittle Hoppes, who will give a closeup view of her legendary grandfather, Jimmy Doolittle.

Victory Girl has donated some of the aviation items to be raffled off after lunch, including a set of Victory Girl vintage aircraft destination tins.

Come visit with us later as we enjoy wine and cheese in the afternoon. It plans to be an enjoyable day of history and friends!



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