Sunday, April 3 – Mission Accomplished!


Chris Le Fave and Mike Polley have successfully gotten the OY-1 ‘Lady Satan’ to Benton, Pennsylvania today, the last stop on their east coast ‘VMO-4′ journey.  They left Advance, North Carolina this morning, with Larry in his Korean-era L-5 off their wing, in clear weather.   They flew on to Layette, Pennsylvania, where they were met by Asher Banning, and Robert Gus, two additional crew members of the original WWII VM0-4 unit on Iwo Jima.   The pair hadnt seen each other in 30+ years,  and ‘Lady Satan’ for 66 years!

After greetings,  Mike, and Chris hopped the  OY-1  on to Benton, Pennsylvania.  There the whole town turned out to meet the plane, with the mayor, the president of the local VFW unit, and many residents of the town at the airport.   Mike and Chris are now staying with some locals, enjoying dinner and a well-deserved rest.   There is very poor cell service, and no internet access, so we’ll have to wait for an offical ‘Frenchie Report’  and photos  when Chris gets near a computer….

The boys have enjoyed this trip immensely, and  thank everybody for the amazing generosity and cordiality of everyone they’ve met.   When they arrive on the west coast we’ll get more info on ‘Lady Satan’s status.   Chris (Bergen) and I (Jerri Bergen) are now in planning stages of bringing ‘Lady Satan’ home in July, possibly detouring through  Osh Kosh, WIS.  for a Marine  Corps VMO reunion being held there this year.   We’ll await to hear from the boys sometime tommorrow….

Asher Banning and Robert Gus of the original VMO-4 unit

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