Sunday, July 17 -Pennsylvania Tour

Sunday weather turned out to be perfect; not too warm, light puffy clouds and 5 knots– time to do some flying!  We were invited to the Indiana County (Jimmy Stewart) Airport, about 129 km away for an informal fly-in lunch. Mike Evans and his father-in-law flew his Piper Arrow, and Monty Hittel and Bob Brewington flew Bob’s Cessna Cardinal alongside, (well, they TRIED to keep up….:))

We got a great view of the Pennsylvania countryside going over Williamsport, Penn State University, and some serious woods and coal mines!  We met great folks and, of course, we also met folks that knew our friends –the aviation world is small indeed!

We gassed up, and flew back via Eaglesmere, Merritt Field, that had a neat little museum containing some rare Travel Airs, and an early Cessna C-2 among other treasures. Back to Benton Chris did some more grass strip landings (a rarity for us concrete-jungle types in LA).

We enjoyed a monster pizza feast at the Farwell’s and then back to the Benton field to watch Mike Evan’s wife Jen compete in the barrel races.

We’re also watching weather, and eye-balling the largish thunderstorm activity to the west.

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