Sunday – March 27th- Crisp County GA

Frenchie’s Report for SUNDAY, 27th:

Well last night we made it to Waynesboro, Miss.  The airport is about 3 miles from town .
Upon arrival we had a 5 minute conversation on the unicom frequency with Joe, the only other pilot on the airport.  Not that we were tying up the frequency for anyone else…since we were the only guys up for 3 countys.  Joe ended up giving us a ride into town and took us to the “best fried chicken” in Mississippi called none other than “Mississippi Fried Chicken”  Keep it simple.   Southern hospitality was great as the girl who ran the counter told us her mom was the airport manager.  Both mike and I ordered the 3 piece meal.  When we got to the hotel to eat it, we each had about 5 extra pieces along with fried pickles and fried okra.

More importantly, when we arrived, David and Ernest Twiner were waiting for us to land after we flew over their house.  Ernest AKA “E.T. from Missisippi” (his nickname, not mine) is a pastor in town.  His son David is just like Mike and I and stares at the sky when planes go over, hurrys to the airport when he sees them come in, but said he’s never been flying before.  So Mike did what any good pilot would do and asked him if he wanted to hop in as Mike taxied the plane back to the tie downs.  David lit up and jumped in before Mike finished talking.  We knew he was hooked.   If someone gets that excited to taxi in a plane, then there is no way we can leave without taking him flying at least once….

Mike agreed to take David flying first thing Sunday morning.  David had spread the word and David’s mom and friend Cole came out to check out the flight.  We couldnt take Cole up since his parents weren’t around to approve it.  Next time Cole! Remember Cole check out “Young Eagles”, “Civil Air Patrol” and “Be a Pilot” on the internet. David loved it and showed Mike all the landmarks of Waynesboro.  David and family were very appreciative.

We pushed on to Greenville Alabama where the gas was locked and nobody was around.  The sign on the door said to call Frank or Travis.  Well we spoke with Travis’ wife who said Travis had already left for Sun and Fun (where we are headed).   She thought Frank wasnt answering because he probably already left for church.  She was nice enough to come down on Sunday and give us fuel and oil.

We quickly left after waiting on gas for an hour when we saw a big line of thunder storms building just north of us.  For the next hour and a half Mike did a great job of checking weather on the GPS keeping me out of the worst of it.  We finally made it to Cordele, Georgia to sit out the storms coming in.  When we fueled up, Mike was putting away the gas hose and got cut.  Bill, the man that maintains the airport told Mike that it was probably the copper wire that the hose is wrapped in that got him.  He then told Mike “thats why we have this leather glove here”.  (You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink).

Bill gave us the airport car to take to town for lunch.  We quickly found that, maintanence was not a priority for this car.  It wanted to die at stoplights and full throttle meant 35 MPH.  I told myself to make sure I advise them when we get back about the problems. When we got done with lunch, we walked out to find one hell of a thunderstorm about 10 minutes away from the airport. After hurrying back at 35 MPH, we just got the plane put into a shade hangar when then hail, thunder, lightning and 40 MPH sideways winds hit. After putting the plane away, I told Bill about the car running so poorly and he said “yep, and that’s the good one of the three” (I guess he already knows) So,…here we stay, in Cordele Georgia. ”

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