Thursday, July 21 – Last Stop Before Osh Kosh

Sam's L-5, an awesome restoration

With only 80 miles to go to our final destination, we can take our time this morning.  We get to De Kalb airport and return the courtesy car, thank you Tom Cleveland!  Theres a stiff breeze blowing, but it’s right down the runway and we roar out about 10:30am, headed to East Troy Municipal, to see warbird restoration expert Sam Tabor, who also has an L-5.  40 miles due north and we set down to visit Sam, and all the wonderful projects he’s working on.

Lake Michigan looking quiet--for now!

Chris an Sam Tabor of Air-Tab Restorations

Just 4 days before the official opening of Osh Kosh and Sam is crazy busy, working on two P-51s and a couple of T-6 Texans that need to be ready for the airshow-yikes!   We don’t want to disrupt schedule, so we visit for just a bit and continue on to our last stop before Osh Kosh- West Bend Airport.

Allen, mechanic for West Bend airport covers up 02766

Sam gives us a number at the West Bend FBO and we call ahead to make sure there’s hangar space for 02766. There is a ‘strong storm’ warning for Saturday, and we want to take no chances that 02766 will be outside in rough weather.    We’ll keep a close eye on the storm system, and we will delay going into Osh Kosh until Sunday (forecast for scattered t-storms later in the day), if the storm forecast persists.

Headed into East Troy Municipal and Sam Tabor's Air-Tab Restorations

We get the old girl hangared at West Bend (thanks, Danny!) and Allen, the line mechanic gets us to  B Mitchell airport, Milwaulkee, where we’re picking up our

rental car and Hans Bergen, who will fly the homeward route with Chris.

We get to sightsee a bit –including the inside of ‘Havana Cigar and Lounge’ – where we pick up a box of Mi Amor cigars to enjoy later.   We cruise a nearby park and view a skeet-shooting site on Lake Michigan.  After getting Hans, we meander our way back to West Bend, and enjoy local beer and cheese curds.  Yum!

Havana Cigar and Lounge has a great cigar selection

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