Tuesday July 19th – Across Three States

Left the Farwell’s this morning.  Ground fog hung close at the field until about 8:30am when we saw blue. We took off, waving goodbye to 2-Beer Bob, and Monty, circling up so we could get over the top of what looked to be broken clouds.

The ‘broken cover’ soon turned out to be solid overcast, and Chris decided we might not have enough gas to see the overcast through till it broke.  We  found a small hole and landed, just 35 miles away from Benton at a quiet grass strip at Jersey Shore (P96).  There we checked weather ahead and around.  700 foot ceilings were ahead of us for 100+ miles, and our next gas stop at Clarion was still IFR.  We decided to wait it out.

Bill, working on an engine at Jersey Shore, kindly let us use his van for a quick trip into town for a cold drink.  Checking weather on the IPad every hour, we finally left at 1:30, when ceilings were 1800 and visibility was 6 miles.

Then, it was a race across three states! We wanted to get to Ann Arbor Michigan, by dark to meet up with Mr. Sutkas and his family early Wednesday morning.

Everything worked out great. Weather was perfect, and the FBOs were happy to sell us some gas.  We landed three times and then headed into Ann Arbor by about 7:00pm, where our Aviation Center FBO guys put ’Lady Satan’ into a hangar, and found us a lovely bed and breakfast in town, the ‘Queen’s Residence’ (we highly recommend it!).

A good steak dinner and some coconut cream pie was all we needed to round out a great day!

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