Victory Girl Website in for a Makeover!

Victory Girl Custom Aviation Nose Art Gets Upgrades

Travis Brandt

Can’t wait!  We’ve enlisted the help of  Travis Brandt, of Seventh Level Solutions to update our hard-to-navigate, obscure-buttons, slow-loading website into something that’s easy to view and use! This will be our second major overhaul, where we’re taking feedback from customers and casual visitors to ensure the site serves up the information people are looking for.

New features of our website include  a MUCH easier entry point to inquire about custom nose art services,  a clear slide-show format for our extensive nose art galleries, and a SKU-based store that is laid out all on one page.

Additional elements we’re adding include bios and photos of our artists/employees, links to other helpful sites  and a regular blog feature.

We should have the site upgraded fully by the end of January 2013. Everything, life included, is a big learning curve, and our website continues   to get better. Stay tuned- and do drop a line if there is something specific you want to see!

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