Victory Touring Bike & Victory Girl Nose Art….

Dr. Brett Robinson arrived at the Victory Girl studio comfortably astride a  swept back, lowered, polished 2013 Victory Cross Country Touring bike that he’s recently purchased and is in the process of making improvements to (this is possible? He’s done it!).  We’ve installed a high performance, die cut vinyl ‘Victory Girl’ pinup (‘natch), that looks like it was made for his gas tank. In addition, he’s had the bike lowered from its factory stance, making it more comfortable for him to maneuver the 1500 pounds of streamlined metal and leather  (which weighs more than our Porterfield airplane!). This bike  has more than double the horsepower of our Porterfield as well, at 135hp.  He’s got USB ports everywhere, killer stereo system, and modified the rear foot pegs to better support the passenger’s foot positions.

Now we’re noodling on some fitting markings for his front and rear fenders.   Hmmm, blue flames?

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