Washing a Leather Jacket Painted with Custom Nose Art…

painted flight jacket, fresh out of the washing machine

painted flight jacket, fresh out of the washing machine


We’re always experimenting with new products to create ever better, longer lasting, beautiful nose art on painted jackets, and one of our ongoing tests is the durability of our paints.  I’ve taken my own cowhide A-2 flight jacket, painted with our speciality leather paint, and put it into our commercial washing machine, to see what would happen! I do NOT advocate stuffing your leather goods into the washing machine, mainly because it takes out much of the oils in your leather, needed to keep the skin supple and malleable.  But!– we were grateful to discover that the paints held up very well– there is no evidence at all that the jacket even got wet, other than my cuffs and waist band are now a bit misshapen.  So, naturally, I had to try the dryer as well!   Same results!  The artwork looked exactly the same, and my ribbing is still a bit floppy- hmmm-  not sure what to do about that.

After laying the jacket flat to reshape itself, I rubbed in some Skidmore’s Leather Cream, -adding some of those oils I’d just rashly washed out (see  www.skidmores.com)

My jacket has the standard acrylic sealant that we put on all our finished art pieces, to give the paint an additional scuff protection – although, the paint is very sturdy, and the acrylic coating really supports the surrounding leather quality more than the paint itself, which doesn’t need much protection.

We’ve had a jacket, with art painted by someone else, shipped to the studio recently that a client mistakenly took to the dry cleaners. The paint has actually been smeared across the leather, and the client has asked us to repair what we can (I’m working that one now).   I’ve never tried dry cleaning the painted areas, but ask dry cleaners to lightly steam just the interior of the jackets to freshen the liners.


More pictures on that later!


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