Wednesday, July 27th- Headed West

As we start stirring in our hotel room this morning, we hear an ominous rumble.  Was  that thunder?  A peek outside confirms the worst.  Its raining, and lightning flickers here and there.

Thats the midwest for you.  No forecast for thunderstorms was predicted before noon, and for the first time, we left the airplane outside.  We check the radar and there’s a hefty system right over us, and it looks like it won’t pass until noon.   So much for the early break….

At West Bend other aircraft owners are milling about, mostly waiting for a break to get into AirVenture.  Hans and Chris will have to sit on those wet seats, and, with any rain while they’re in the air, they’ll get just as much in the cockpit as outside…. I’m catching a 1:00pm commercial flight out of Milwaukee, so I have to leave the boys to their own devices by 11:00am.

In between layovers I find that Chris and Hans made it  to Fort Dodge Iowa, before having to put down because of low ceilings.   In fact, all through their flights today they’ve had to set it down for weather conditions.  But this is another good opportunity to try the local brews…

I get to LAX in time to hit evening traffic with Terri.  There is PILES of work waiting for me, dogs to walk, kids to pick up, laundry to do…

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