What does a Triumph Barchetta Porsche Woodie and Mustang have in common?

The Triumph Ferrari Barchetta Porsche Woodie Mustang have four wheels in common, for sure, but what else?

Eclectic automobiles whose practicality is surpassed by a statement about the individual owners, and about our society for sure.  They are all icons, recognizable from a distance, as are they valuable in today’s world of restorations.

That is not what we are discussing here. Take a look at the Victory Girl artwork by Jerri Bergen of Upland, CA who understands how to paint the gorgeous machines onto leather jackets.

This Triumph Automobile Sunset was painted onto this leather jacket with a special process that adheres the mural to the leather for a lifetime.

Triumph Automobile Painting on Leather Jacket

This painted 212 Barchetta is handcrafted onto this leather jacket with the same special painting process as the Triumph, but tells a different story.

Ferrari Barchetta Painted onto Lambskin Jacket

Victory Girl does not just do single automobiles. With deep roots in aviation it is no wonder that fancy cars and aviators go hand in hand.  This company sponsored jacket of Bare Bones Garage was sketched by the customer and created by Victory Girl who painted it onto this beautiful leather jacket.

Bare Bones Garage Roadster

To go even further into the world of tributes, we would like to make special mention of NeverForgottenInc.com and the car of Max Loffgren that is dedicated to US POW/MIAs.  This tribute is painted onto this leather jackets and bordered by a barbed wire fence with a UH-1 in the background and The Wall in the wall disappearing off into the distance.

Never Forgotten Painted onto Leather Jacket

It is these special murals that provide a unique sense of private reflection and acknowledgement.  Victory Girl is proud to be a part of the individual stories that we receive daily.

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