Welcome to Victory Girl

Welcome to Victory Girl!   We have a passion for nose art, that vintage, morale-booster artwork found on the vehicles and jackets of combat troops  and civvies  around the world! We’d love to re-create the nose art that flew on your grandfather’s B-17G, or create something new for your toolbox!  See many of the HUNDREDS of nose art and pinup pieces we’ve created in the last 5 years at our GALLERIES pages!

Victory Girl creates Nose Art personalized for individual needs and tastes. We can create high performance decal stickers for your motor vehicle of any sort, airplane, motorcycle, car or boat. Our hand painted leather jackets and patches are carefully prepared and painted to last for many years of enjoyment and wear. You may also choose from a gallery full of images that are available for your next project, or to customize with your specific needs. 

Creating custom Nose Art is our specialty.  Thank You for stopping by! We can modify any artwork, create new artwork, and make a 100% personalized piece. Tee shirts, jackets, decals. Anything.

Looking for ideas? Check out our extensive galleries for nose art  we’ve painted to hundreds of leather and fabric jackets, and metal panels.

We personalize your nose art, jackets, tee shirts, cowlings, motorcycle gas tanks, automobiles, trucks, company equipment, and the list goes on.  We’ll create images  in the likeness of wives, girlfriends, pets, company logos, and themes, such as reunions, squadrons, eulogies, family crests, retirements, etc.  Send us reference pictures with your request to: info@victorygirl.com. Questions?   Give us a ring at 909-297-6688. Want to see what we’re up to? Visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/VictoryGirlNoseArt

Attention: All images on this site are the copyright of Jerri Bergen of Victory Girl and all rights are reserved.  There are other artists represented, and some public domain.  Not sure which are which? Please ask.